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Looking after our planet is very important to me. Before embarking on selling my own products, I wanted to ensure anything I created was made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, and limited the use of plastics as much as possible.

I have spent time researching suppliers, and materials, and investigated their own sustainability statements so both me and my customers can shop with confidence.

There are some items I sell, such as Vinyl stickers, which are not so easily recycled. Where this is the case, I have ensured that I use only the highest quality of sticker paper, and they are built to last, and not designed to be disposed of in a hurry. Whilst limiting the use of plastic in every area possible.

Glitter and Foil

We all love a bit of sparkle and shine, but before I incorporate it into my own products - such as foiled stickers, I plan to research more and want to be certain I can use it in an eco-friendly way.


Every element of my postage and packing has been carefully sourced, or re-used and recycled - such as backing boards. Any orders placed directly with me will be packed in paper bags for protection while shipping.


Where cellophane bags are required, for wholesale items, I will only use plant based, compostable, eco-friendly bags.

I am always researching and looking for new ways to improve the sustainability of my business, and all the time improve the balance of creating high quality products, without negatively impacting the planet.

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