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Are you a Traitor or a Faithful?

Silky Rose Design Traitors Card in the Press!

I watched the first series of The Traitors catching up between Christmas and New Year, and got really into it. I knew I needed to create a card, as spoke to so many people. At the time all the cards were calling recipients "Traitors", so I decided to take the other angle and create a card for the Faithfuls.

At the time it was one of the few out there, and became my second best selling card last Valentines Day. One absolute highlight was when Claudia shared the card on her Instagram - and I'm still banging on about it a year later!

I was so excited for series 2, but also a little worried that it wouldn't be able to live up to the first series, but WOW! It was amazing! And *SPOILER ALERT* Harry was brilliant, and totally deserved to win - BUT I really didn't want to see Mollie's face at the end! How could you Harry?!

Over the last week, this card has been enjoying it's own little bit of limelight, and has been featured in the press, on Digital Spy and The Metro, as well as being advertised in emails and on social media!

Buy yours from Thortful, Moonpig or Funky Pigeon

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