Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Sarah Wilkinson - the artist behind Silky Rose Design.

I am an illustrator, living and working in London, UK. I enjoy creating fun, whimsical art, with a playful approach and I love to include subtle humour and little nods to popular culture in my work.


Some of my favourite things to draw include food and illustrated recipes, buildings and portraits. I also have a love for Mid-century Modern style and this is often represented in my work.

While you are here, you can find my online portfolio, get in contact about working together, whether for a personal art project, commercial or art licensing. If you are interested in following my art and getting updates of new exciting projects, then I would love to share them with you in my newsletter, which you can sign up to below.

You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest Thortful and Etsy - I hope to see you there!

Cute giraffe illustration saying hi
Strawberry shortcake.jpg
Untitled_Artwork (11).jpg
Illustrated vintage cars, pink cadillac
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